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Welcome to our website! Green & Safe Pest Control is the premier pest control extermination service in and the surrounding areas. We are a company that has been serving the community for more than 30 years now, and we know how to do the job right. Our services aim to protect your health and property by using advanced pest control methods to ensure impeccable results. Ever since our establishment, we have aimed for customer satisfaction – that is why we are the leading rodent and insect extermination service around these parts.

Green & Safe Pest ControlWe are a fully licensed and insured company, that is renowned for its professionalism and quality work. Green & Safe Pest Control can help you get rid of:

- Termites
- Ants
- Bed Bugs
- Rodents

Our name speaks for itself – the products and methods we use are environmentally-friendly and green. No harm will come to you, your family or your property from using our services. We are more than capable of taking care of your pest problems, regardless of their size and scope. Our speciality is insect removal, and we always find the perfect solution for any problem. You can expect nothing but the best from us.

House pests come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can cause many problems for you and your property. Termites, for instance, can seriously damage your home. Only a licensed termite control service, like us, knows how to deal with such infestations. Rodents pose a threat not only to the integrity of your house, but to your family’s health. They often carry diseases, and pollute the environment. Give us a call and we will make sure your pest problem is no more! We provide a quality termite, rodent, and bed bug removal service.

Green & Safe Pest Control

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Green & Safe Pest Control - Fort WorthWhen it comes to a pest control extermination service, only qualified professionals can do the job right. If you make the mistake of hiring a team of amateurs, you will end up with unsatisfactory results. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, that have been on the job for many years. They know exactly how to deal with any given situation, and are more than capable of solving your pest problems. We utilize modern, green equipment and tools – your property will be pest-free before you know it. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Green & Safe Pest Control offers fair and competitive prices to its customers. You will not have to pay a fortune for our pest control services. In addition, there are certain discounts available for senior citizens and members of the military. Give us a call and receive the insect extermination service you deserve, at a reasonable price.

If you need a quality termite control service in , do not look further than us – Green & Safe Pest Control. Our years of experience, advanced equipment and undeniable skills are unmatched by any other local pest removal service. Get in touch with us today, and you will not be disappointed!

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Great company, came out within 3 hours and sorted out our mice problem, filled all the holes too... very happy customer here
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5.0 2 Great company, came out within 3 hours and sorted out our mice problem, filled all the holes too... very happy customer here

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